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Liz Diamond, MSW

Year Certified: 2014

Physical activity has been a consistent part of life for Liz since her late teens when she filled her college days with late-night stress-busting workouts.  Today, activity includes hiking near (Mountain Lakes Park) and far (Grand Canyon) with her husband, 3 kids, and dog. Combining a love of fitness with her social work background, Liz brings positivity, creativity, and personal growth to her approach with her clients.  She loves sharing her enthusiasm for wellness, healthy living, and a balanced lifestyle that takes a workout beyond the standard experience.  


  • HKC - Kettlebell

  • DVRT- Sandbag

  • MELT Instructor

  • Training for Warriors

  • AFFA Certified

  • ProNatal Certified Trainer

  • Functional Movement Screen

  • Roll Model Method Instructor

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