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Post Natal client with her new born working out.

"Wendi and Liz have trained me throughout my pregnancy and I have felt BEYOND!! With a history of back problems, I went into training with the goal of staying strong and keeping active while I carried the extra weight. I’m happy to say, with their guidance and support, I am now 39.5 weeks pregnant, and only stopped working out last week! I look forward to returning to Beyond Fitness postpartum." - Rachel R., Current Client

Ready? Set? YES…We’ll help you get up and GO!

Like other major athletic events, the journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum experience places specific, high-stress demands on your body. That’s why we utilize the ProNatal Fitness Performance Training Approach to help you prepare your body to successfully manage the stress placed on it, and emerge even stronger.

Learn the movements to avoid or regress by trimester (or postpartum stage) to mitigate pains and injuries and expedite your recovery. Then, learn what to focus on instead for a safe and effective workout.

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