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My Origin Story - Will Myers

My personal training story began when I majored in exercise science back in 2007 and pursued my bachelors degree. I’ve actually thought that I was going to end up as a athletic trainer to vehicles on the sides of sports games, and the person who actually talked me out of it was my athletic trainer at my college.

I pursued an avenue called strength and conditioning and hung out with my strength coaches at my college, a lot, training and shadowing the strength sessions for various sports teams. I developed a passion and fell in love with the athletic development, side of health and fitness, and decided to get my personal training certification as a steppingstone for my strength and conditioning career. For a brief time I had thoughts of completing my masters degree and joining a collegiate strength and conditioning program, but job security quickly peeled me away from that route. I wanted a home, a family, and a client base that was consistent for me to serve. I found that at Beyond Fitness.

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