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Wendi Hoak, Owner

Year Certified: CPT 2009

Wendi discovered her passion for fitness when a back injury led to a personal journey of building strength. After being an at home mom for 10 years Wendi became a certified personal trainer, channeling her passion into a new career. Wendi loves to help her clients be the best they can be by teaching them to nurture their wellbeing. She believes that prioritizing your wellness is vital; that health & fitness affects every aspect of our lives and can define the quality of all our experiences. She takes great pride in being a good role model for her two active sons who love working out!

Feeling connected and giving back to her community is very important to Wendi. She is often volunteering her time to local events and organizations such as The Bennett Cancer Center’s Hope In Motion 5K.


  • Kettlebells

  • MELT Method Instructor

  • Roll Model Method Instructor

  • DVRT sandbag

  • AFFA Certified

  • Training for Warriors

  • ProNatal Certified Trainer

  • TRX suspension/RIP trainer

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