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Will Myers

Head Coach

Year Certified: 2012

Will is a Personal trainer and also certified through a plethora of training implements that he uses on a daily basis including TRX, Ultimate Sandbags, and Kettlebells. He has a bachelor’s in exercise science with a concentration in strength and conditioning with over a decade of experience training collegiate and high school athletes, recreational endurance athletes, and members of the military and armed forces.

He believes that training is always a learning opportunity, and loves to push clients in a way that brings about their competitive side physically and mentally. He firmly believes you have to train in a way that you enjoy in order to sustain your regimen so each session should be full of smiles and laughter to get you through the tough parts.

In his spare time, he enjoys family time with his wife Caitlin and two kids Reid and Nell. He also loves to lift heavy things to loud music. He currently competes as an elite-level drug-free powerlifter and holds several Connecticut state records across a few Federations and weight classes.

  • BS Exercise Science

  • TRX

  • Ultimate Sandbags

  • Kettlebells

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